We would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Alsop High School. Situated at the heart of the community, Alsop nurtures students along a successful pathway to personal and academic achievement.

At Alsop we are devoted to providing all of our aspiring students with an excellent education, one that broadens their minds and maximises their life chances for the future.

We are committed to The Alsop Way. Based upon the three pillars of Knowledge, Respect and Opportunity, we believe students are best served in an environment where they can achieve academically, by being challenged and enlightened along the way. They are equipped with the appropriate behaviours needed to succeed in modern Britain.

We expect students to be prepared, to be kind, to be positive, thoughtful and tolerant. Furthermore, we expect students to be fully committed to their studies. These attributes will help our students make such a positive impression wherever they go.

Our team of accomplished teachers and support staff work tirelessly to enthuse and educate in order to make a real difference to their lives. Our rich, diverse and dynamic curriculum aims to transform our students into confident, mature and resilient learners.

We look forward to working with students, and their families, to pursue the highest of educational standards, and celebrate success at every opportunity.