Alsop High School Ski Expedition December 2019

Forty-two students enjoy six days of thrilling Alpine skiing in the Italian Ski resort of Bormio. Bormio is a charming medieval town, known for its thermal baths, which lies at the foot of the Stelvio Pass between Italy and Switzerland.

Bormio is one of Italy's top ski resorts. It came to world attention in 1985 and 2005 when it hosted the Alpine Ski World Championship. The World Cup was also held here again in 2019 and Alsop High School advanced skiing group can boast they have accomplished a World Cup run!!!
As the week commenced, the instructors assessed our students. The advanced ski group quickly headed up the mountain and spent the whole week exploring the resort and snow park. The remaining three beginners groups mastered being able to stop and turn. Before long, they too were heading up the mountain.
As the week progressed, all students developed and improved their technique on the wide blue runs and steeper reds. Some students made unbelievable progress went from the beginner to the advanced group.
Despite a couple of minor injuries, everyone enjoyed their week in the snow. A full après-ski programme complemented the time spent on the slopes. Activities included, our famous Alsop High School karaoke, where students selected a very eclectic mix of songs ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Spice Girls. It was obvious how many talented vocalists we have and how many students accurately impersonated wailing cats! Students also enjoyed Christmas shopping in Bormio; a Christmas themed night; pool competitions; ice cream and a pizza night party.
Mr Murphy, Party Leader, comments: “Thanks to our fantastic students for behaving impeccably throughout the trip and constantly making us all smile. Huge appreciation goes to Mrs Scott, Mr Deakin, Mr Muscatelli and Mrs Jones for accompanying the students on this visit. We are looking forward to our next skiing adventure planned for 2021.”