Year 11 Alsop students complete Bike Maintenance Course in partnership with Merseyside Police

A group of Year 11 students have successfully completed an 8 week afterschool bike maintenance course. The course was run in partnership with Merseyside Police, BNENC and Everton Community Centre.

Mr Paul Deakin, Pastoral Mentor comments: “The students really appreciated this course. The presentation of the bikes was a special moment. It was lovely to see our students engage with community partners and to listen to their life stories. We are delighted with the positive feedback received from Merseyside Police. The students are all a real credit to our school and their families.  We look forward to offering this course to our Year 8 students.”

Joanne Matthews, Community Coordinator Merseyside Police Counter Extremism Strategy writes: “I know I am biased as the Bike Project has always been a favourite of mine and I am a huge advocate of it anyway but there were just so many positives from this particular course. So not just the young lads involved all had their own story and the engagement with the police team, them getting the bikes etc. but the fact even the photographer was a student and gets something from it as well just brilliant!”