Saluti Dall'italia 

Students at Alsop High School are thrilled that their special Act of Collective Worship for Holocaust Memorial Day has been shown in schools across Northern Italy. This week the young people from the Don Milani School in Modena wrote to Alsop to express their greetings “Saluti Dall'italia.” They were also inspired to produce their own Holocaust film which they have shared with Liverpool schools.

The above word art was made by Italian school children collects the most significant words associated with the Holocaust.

The short film, featuring the testimony of Auschwitz Survivor, Mr Zigi Shipper, BEM., was viewed by Italian school children. They wrote:
“It is important we all try to live in peace and harmony, without quarrels, but only with hugs and mutual help. We would all be happy and content, then. So, let's not fight anymore! Let's stay united and help each other in times of need.”

The Italian school children were shown the “Alsop Holocaust Film #OneDay” by teachers who visited Liverpool in 2017. The students found the film very moving.

One Italian pupil wrote:“This video is very moving and touching and teaches us many things: to appreciate the others for who they are, their religion, their race and the color of their skin. No-one is inferior to another. We are the same even if different. We all have a body; a soul and we all feel the same emotions.”

The students were able to watch the testimony of Mr. Zigi Shipper, who was captured and separated from his family when he was a young boy and was taken to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The Alsop film inspired the young people to produce their own film to share their thoughts after listening to Zigi Shipper.

The Italian film can be viewed here:

The students expressed their thoughts:
“In our opinion, the persecutors should be ashamed for what they did, for the cruelties they committed! This Holocaust is commemorated because we must remember what happened so that it never happens again. In fact, if we don't learn history, there is a risk that events like these will happen again.”

Their teacher Ms Franca Gambari comments:
“Two sentences of the film hit us a lot, ‘There was no yesterday or tomorrow, there was only the present’ and ‘We can be the light in the darkness".

The Italian students wrote lovely comments about the young people who made the film:“We noticed that Liverpool students, flawless as ever, were talking in a library and we reflected on how important libraries are for all the information they collect. Some boys honored the memory of the dead by taking candles that they lit and placed on a table. Among these there was also the Liverpool Candle of Hope which visited our school in 2017.”
Their letter ended with some poignant words:
“We guys, boys and girls, if we remember history, we will never repeat such atrocities. Indeed, we will be able to change the world! Thanks English friends for your great video.”

The Alsop Holocaust Memorial Day film is available for use in schools.

It can be downloaded from YouTube via:

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