The Gift of Reading
at Alsop High School

Christmas arrived early at Alsop High School. As part of the “Reading the Alsop Way” initiative, the Headteacher, Mr Chris Wilson, gifted every student and all staff members a reading book as a Christmas present. Every student attended a session in the school library, to select a paperback from a wide-ranging display of books. 

“Reading, the Alsop Way” is an initiative to promote reading in the school and the wider community; it was recently launched by children’s author Frank Cottrell Boyce. 

Ms Tapia-Bowes, Disciplinary Literacy Co-ordinator comments:                                       “We all know that reading is important: it helps you to develop both mentally and emotionally. It develops our thoughts and gives us endless knowledge and entertainment, as well as keeping our minds active. It is true that you are never lonely when you are reading a book!”
Mr Wilson, Headteacher writes:                                                                                                       “At Alsop, we are delighted that all of our students and staff are committed to reading on a daily basis. The benefits of reading are indisputable, from improving mental health to creating healthy habits. It is no wonder books and reading have been around for an incredibly long time; they have not lost their importance throughout the years!”

Many parents often ask how they can help to develop the reading skills of their children. Educational research suggests that the best ways are to continue to share books with children, regularly listening to them read, sometimes reading to them, but also discussing books read in increasing depth. At Alsop High School, all staff are committed to “Closing the Vocabulary Gap.”

Frank Cottrell Boyce comments:                                                                                                      “I am absolutely delighted to hear about this important Christmas initiative. As the Alsop Patron of Reading, I would like to reiterate that reading is the portal to the future of all children. I would like to congratulate Alsop for leading the way in making young people word-rich, so that they are empowered through their reading experience.”