Wonderful Wednesdays
at Alsop High School

Alsop High School has received an award of £9900 from the National Lottery Awards for All to engage with families and local residents.

The award will fund a twelve month Respect 2020 initiative, offering a range of inter-generational activities to create opportunities for constructive dialogue in Walton. Respect 2020 will empower young people to be more active in their neighbourhood, and will enable all participants to stand together to celebrate community life.
The initiative, launched this week will take place every Wednesday evening, between 3.30pm and 5pm, in the Community Room at Alsop. At these “Wonderful Wednesday” gatherings families will meet together, to prepare a meal, eat together and participate in an activity, eg. a sport, a games night, a film night etc. The first session culminated with story time around the Reading Chair with Ms Tapia-Bowes.

There will also be an opportunity to sing together in our newly formed “tuneless choir.” The community singing will target young people and parents suffering from low self-esteem and at risk of developing mental health issues. This group will promote well-being, culminating with a Summer 2020 concert.

The initiative will also promote pride in the local area. Young people and community members will look at historical archives to produce a photographic history of Alsop and the development of Walton.

Mr Bull Co-ordinator of Respect 2020 comments:                                                                                  “We are delighted with the interest shown by community members, and it was great to see so many families at the launch of this community engagement initiative. We look forward to seeing Respect 2020 have an impact here in Walton. We are keen to develop activities to foster community pride and break down barriers of misunderstanding between young people, families and older residents.”

Alsop looks forward to welcoming new members to their “Wonderful Wednesdays.” The sessions take place every Wednesday between 3.30 and 5pm. The Community Room is situated on Walton Village,        L4 6TW. Participants are to use the side entrance opposite Church Flags.